The 8 Ideals

The 8 Ideals

The Human Ideals 

Preserve Life: Protect the life of the species, meaning human life - as well as, secondarily and within reasonability, the life of all other living things - from suffering and obsolescence and ever eliminate the handling of this duty with willful ignorance or scornful inaction.  No one need ever feel obliged to waive the instinct of survival.

Protect Earth: Preserve the environment of the species, to mean the Earth or otherwise, as well as the environment of all other forms of life, possessing or not possessing known sentience, if only merited by the innate and intrinsically respectable values of those environments, though not as to conflict with the first ideal.

Discover Truth: Increase the knowledge of the species, through ceaseless inquiry and rigorous testing of ideas, ever developing the best possible explanations throughout all aspects of advancement and discovery; ever focusing greater advancement and discovery; never to conflict with the first and second ideals.

Flourish: Grow the species, achieving progress through education, inspiration, and innovation; promoting valuable contributions to humanity, be they mundane or intricate, and, being obliged to excel according to our talents and mind, ever forbid the obstruction of excellence; never to conflict with the first three ideals.

The Individual Ideals 

Be Responsible: Stand accountable for one’s actions and ideas; be they creative or destructive, understood or misunderstood, with no person or group of persons ever permitted to act upon or rule over any other in a manner of authority which impinges or abrogates the liberty and consequence of this accountability or any of the eight ideals.

Be Vigilant: Defend those who are less capable of defending themselves, both intellectually and physically, pursuant to a condition of least suffering, greatest understanding, and the grant of opportunity for happiness, freedom, enlightenment, and contribution; all people deserving of the opportunity for personal self-realization.

Be Compassionate: Forego condemnation of others by merit of matters beyond one’s capacity to change; to mean any innate, hereditary, or acquired characteristic that persists beyond elective personal choice.  Though all humans do not stand equally, all humans deserve equal rights; clearly and undeniably.

Be Honest: Remain flexible in the face of newfound truths, shoulder dignified acceptance of the reality in which humankind resides, practice openness and honesty in discourse as the key to fostering understanding and progress, and do not fear the constant change that accompanies the perpetual evolution of human life.

- Andrew Mann
February 28th, 2012

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